Your single portal solution for Insurance Benefits Verification, Electronic Prior Authorization and Co-Pay Card Tracking

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eBlu provides real-time Benefit Verifications, allowing your office to reduce the turnaround from initial visit, to infusion.

Benefits Verification

Returns patient’s coverage status, expected cost share, UM criteria (PA requirements, step therapy) and more in one easy to read view..

No Waiting

Say goodbye to long hold times while calling provider services for benefit verification.


We offer services for all rheumatology in-office infusion and injection medications.

Prior Authorization

Offers submission and status tracking of PAs. Safeguards help ensure you know to renew a PA before it expires, keeping your patients on schedule.

Provider Dashboard

Leverage the power of capturing your patient data in a single system- get reports and analysis about your practice’s growth and performance.


See at-a-glance treatment adherence, PA status, and Co-Pay Assistance status for all your patients.

Co-Pay Card Management

Eligibility notification for all patients. Easily track program participation, remaining funds and outstanding amounts.

Simple Reverification

If you’re not re-verifying coverage before each treatment, you’re exposing your practice to risk. With eBlu, re-verify in as few as 3 clicks..

Our Purpose

eBlu was created to help specialty medical practices manage the complex workflow around high cost infusion and injection treatments. A single denied claim can be costly, which is why practices are willing to put up with long hold times to talk to provider services lines and having to use multiple portals, a separate one for each medication. eBlu believes there’s a better way: a single portal for all your in-office infusion and injection therapies. We help you mitigate risk, improve staff efficiency, and reduce your training and onboarding burden for new staff members.

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Our Team

Mark Murphy, MBA
Co-founder and CEO

Mark was a specialty practice administrator for a rheumatology medical practice with 20+ years’ experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Mark brings a unique perspective to the day-to-day issues that practices and providers encounter with benefits verification, prior authorizations, reimbursements, and co-pay card tracking.

Kim Farley, MSM
Co-founder and COO

With 20+ years in the healthcare industry, Kim leverages her extensive operational and contracting experience working with providers and payors to eBlu. Her experience working with numerous healthcare providers afforded her the opportunity to uncover best practices and to develop creative ways to assist providers in effectively managing their revenue cycle.

Nathan Fornwalt
Co-founder and CTO

Nathan is experienced in software development and systems integration, project management and directing the full product development lifecycle – from conception to deployment and support. Nathan has a proven track record of developing innovative applications of technology, and crafting features and workflows to help meet consumer needs.