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Why take our word for it? Read reviews from some of those who’ve benefited from eBlu’s services.

“It’s helps me manage the PA process.  I’ve been able to shorten the PA approval time down to 4-6 days.”

Chasity M., PA Administrator for Infusions

“With eBlu, we can focus on the patient – not the process”

Don Moore, Practice Manager Kentuckiana Rheumatology

“With quick benefit returns and the support of eBlu, we can buy and bill with confidence”

Anonymous Billing Specialist

“eBlu provides me a lot of reporting.  I know how many new starts we have and the status of pending PAs.  It helps us grow our infusion practice.”

Joe Neikirk Practice Manager – Lake Cumberland Rheumatology

Angela R.

“eBlu returns benefits investigations faster than any other service I’ve ever used.  This allows our physicians to treat patients efficiently.”

“Previously January was a nightmare.  We often had to cancel and reschedule patients for their treatment; now our patients remain on schedule.”

Courtney O.

“I love having the messaging option with eBlu. I receive prompt responses and this method (of communication) is so much more efficient for the workflow at our office.”


Billing Specialists – Triangle Arthritis North Carolina

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