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By delivering key services and linking together resources that support patient care, the eBlu Solutions platform supports the patient in receiving the care they need.

From disease identification through the processes of treatment coverage, eBlu provides a centralized solution to start, track and monitor patients along the process. We help you provide a positive patient experience by streamlining the approach and making the available resources easily accessible.

The Healthcare Ecosystem

In the healthcare ecosystem, the goal is to provide the best possible care to patients in an efficient way. eBlu supports the patient care experience by streamlining the process through a single-portal workflow solution.  This solution was designed to keep the process of moving patients from identification to treatment, ID to IV, as efficiently as possible and supporting the continuation of that treatment. That means more time focusing on what matters: the patient care experience and positive outcomes.

Healthcare Providers


Simplify the process and reduce risks of non-payment

eBlu was created through direct office management experience with a thorough understanding of the challenges healthcare providers face. Our software streamlines the processes needed for practices to support In-Office Infusion (IOI) services to their patients.

We also understand the financial risk a provider takes on to provide the highest level of IOI patient care. eBlu’s workflow solution helps mitigate risk and simplify processes, leading to more efficient care for patients.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Electronic Benefits Investigations
  • Prior Authorizations Support
  • Copay Management Support
  • Partner Integrations

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Remove inefficiencies and barriers to patient care

It’s our mission to help support the practice and patient care experience through forward-thinking technology. Through eBlu sponsored or branded workflows, we provide significant advantages for your products to support patients getting on and staying on the treatment they need as efficiently as possible. We can help reduce the errors and omissions associated with manual processes, help reduce the time-to-treatment, and help maintain treatment continuity to improve patient health.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Sponsored and Branded Workflows
  • Partner Integrations
  • Treatment Adherence Monitoring

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Enhancing communication and decision support

We understand that for payers, communicating with healthcare providers during a short window of time is critical in the treatment decision-making process. That’s why our software is designed to streamline processes that support member services while reducing operational costs. We connect key parts of the healthcare ecosystem through thoughtful integration to support a high level of patient care.

We can assist payers by sharing formulary information in real time with providers during the treatment decision-making process.  This supports more timely access to getting patients on the appropriate treatment.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • Formulary Information Support Service
  • Cost Savings through Operational Efficiencies
  • Partner Integrations

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The Patient Care Ecosystem

eBlu Solutions provides value-added services designed to make the patient care cycle run more smoothly. We’re always interested in partnering with organizations that support the patient care experience and delivery of patient care.

eBlu Solutions Offers:

  • API Level Integration
  • Desire to Work With Other Vendors
  • Added Level of Engagement in the Market

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