The Healthcare Ecosystem

As stakeholders in the specialty healthcare ecosystem, our goal is to to improve the patient journey. Moving patients fluidly from identification to treatment and supporting the continuation of that treatment means a more successful outcome for everyone involved. eBlu Solutions streamlines communication of plan coverage to the healthcare provider upon desired treatment determination so you can focus more on what matters for your organization. eBlu Solutions reduces the call center volume with clear communication technology.

Communication & Access for
Better Outcomes

We understand that for payers, communicating with healthcare providers during a short window of time is critical in the treatment decision-making process. That’s why our software is designed to streamline processes that support member services while reducing operational costs. We connect key parts of the healthcare ecosystem through thoughtful integration to support a high level of patient care.

We can assist payers by sharing formulary information in real-time with providers during the treatment decision-making process. This supports more timely access to getting patients on the appropriate treatment.

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